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We Believe in Creating Positive Opportunities for Teens…

…by empowering them to face all of life’s difficult decisions with confidence. Our out-of-school time programming shows teens what it takes to succeed, providing them with the stepping stones they need to discover their full potential.


After School Programs

To really achieve success in the classroom, our students need to be engaged through exciting, project-based learning activities that create a desire to learn. YP Learns does just that. Through field trips, hands-on learning and experiential activities, we empower teens to work through problems in an environment better suited to their unique learning style.

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YP Ignite

YP Ignite, is an eight (8) week summer program, created to expose, engage, and educate our youth during the summer months. Adapting an elective centered approach, our youth get to select into activities and programs based on their interest. Click the button below to pre-register for our 2024 program!

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Sports Leagues

Balanced nutrition and ample physical activity are the foundations for positive youth development. Our YP Plays program encourages all of our teens to get up and get active. We offer a variety of sports programs and recreation opportunities that keep our teens moving, providing them with a fun way to stay active while teaching them the valuable social and emotional lessons only sports can provide.

College Planning

Bridge the gap between wanting to go to college and actually getting there by participating in YP Futures. Through a series of hands-on workshops, one-on-one mentoring sessions and college visits, we empower our teens to explore all of the opportunities that are in front of them. From meeting with college reps to filling out financial aid and scholarship forms, YP Futures is designed to kickstart a successful college career.

Career Exploration

A successful first job can be an essential step towards a long-term career. Our 1st Jobs program is a commitment to connect teens to the opportunities, connections and resources they need for short and long term career success.

It starts with introductory programs that allow teens to explore what’s out there. We open their eyes to the working world, showing them what opportunities are available and helping them market their skills to potential employers. We connect them with summer employment opportunities to try, test and improve what they know. When it’s all said and done, we provide teens with all the tools they need to succeed in the workplace.

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