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"I'm able to keep my 3.6 GPA because of the homework help and positive encouragement I get from Mr. P at YouthPlaces."

Toi, age 16


"YouthPlaces is where I go after school and during the summer because YouthPlaces is where my friends are."

Kimyah, age 13

East Hills

"Miss Brenda pays attention to every one of us and treats us all the same. She encourages us."

Ja'Mera, age 15


"YouthPlaces gives me something to do with my friends in the neighborhood. It keeps me out of trouble."

Rason, age 16


"You meet new, nice people at YouthPlaces. It's something to do and takes kids off the streets."

Monttel, age 17


"I went to YouthPlaces to get out of the situation I was in. I've convinced my friends to come with me now."

Jamar, age 16


"YouthPlaces gives us more opportunities - like the College Fair - so we can succeed."

Jaymere, age 17


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A lot of our programming and partner organizations span across sites and summer camps! Our Northview Heights and Hub sites have both been hosting martial arts lessons for the youth this summer, and it has been so cool! Our favorite part of these sessions has been the focus on self defense and staying safe when you're learning! ... See MoreSee Less

10 hours ago  ·  

Another week of summer camp is flying by! Our youth are learning all about architecture, construction, virtual reality, yoga, art, and non-violence, with so much more to come. Our partners at Drafting Dreams and YogaMotif are sharing all of their wisdom, and we're hoping you'd be interested in doing the same! We learn from people we admire and that always includes family, friends, and community members. Comment and engage with this post if you've taught a young person something you care about and let us know if you'd like to teach our youth too. Your stories and expertise inspire and empower these incredible young minds! ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago  ·  

This week of summer camp included the basics of yoga with YogaMotif, soccer, basketball, the science of motion in an egg drop with Citizen Science Lab, learning how to use Zspace computers, and making edible marshmallow slime with our staff! We'd love to continue the fun all weekend, but we'll be back on Monday! We hope you continue having a great holiday weekend and reach out if there's anything you think our youth would have fun participating in! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago  ·  


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